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Greening ‘The White House’

February 1st, 2011
Vancouver Building Manager helps divert .41 tons of cardboard trash from the local landfill

A little over a year ago we had the pleasure of meeting Alan Richardson, the Manager of The White House located at 2033 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC. Alan Manages 90 suites at the building which range from a 410 sqft – 1 Jr Bedroom to 1600 sqft – 3 Bedroom apartments.

One day while Alan assisted us with delivering our moving crates to one of his tenants he expressed a real interest in our products and service. He mentioned how efficient and convenient everything was.
Alan has been in property management for more than 30 years and at the White House for the last 18 months. As such, he has seen the true cost of moving and the waste it generates every time someone moves in or out.
Like so many care takers and Managers, Alan is faced with the Hassles that moving creates. Every time someone moves there exists the possibility of damage to property, the elevators being tied up at the inconvenience of other tenants and all cardboard waste moving creates.

To avoid sending needless waste to the local landfill, The White House encourages their tenants to make use of the recycling facilities made available. As part of his responsibilities Alan takes the time and energy to place aside and gather up countless cardboard boxes and liaise with a recycling company to properly dispose of all of them.
Rosemary Chong, a Representative for Five Mile Holdings/The White House, indicated that the cardboard recycling disposal fees for this building alone was estimated at approximately $960.00 per year.
In the end it still takes time, labour and expense to properly dispose of cardboard waste. Here is what I mean:
Based on an average of 2 moves per month with a typical move requiring approximately 35 cardboard boxes = 70 cardboard boxes used per month x 12 Months = 840 boxes yearly. If each box weighs about 1.3 lbs this is equal to 1092 lbs or .49 metric ton of cardboard waste per year from this building alone.

On a positive note, sine 2006 It’s Your Move has serviced approximately 20 clients from the White House alone, many of which were referrals from Alan and White House Staff. Here is how their referrals have helped ‘green’ the building:

20 x clients, average being a 2 bedroom would have required about 35 boxes each or 700 boxes in total. If each box is 1.3 lbs x 700 boxes = 910 lbs or .41 tons of cardboard waste which has been avoided. .41 tons of used boxes he didn’t have to sort through and deal with or Five Mile Holdings having to pay for their proper disposal.

By simply referring us Alan, accompanied by his Assistant and Relief Managers at the White House continue to show how minor changes in our day to day lives can have a significant impact on our local environment, especially when it comes time to moving.
I would like to Thank Alan and his assistants as well as our clients at The White House for letting us change how they

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