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Cardboard moving box waste generated by Abbotsford & Mission

January 21st, 2011

Have you ever given any thought to the amount of cardboard waste that is produced simply by moving?

According the stats posted by the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board – Statistic Archives; in 2010, 2,571 Residential Properties were sold in the Abbotsford & Mission area. These figures reflect the home sales only and do not touch on rental property move in and move outs.

    • Detached – 1,518 homes were sold
    • Townhome – 431 homes were sold
    • Condominum - 622 homes were sold

In researching a few online moving box estimators ( and we have estimated that the average weight of a cardboard box is 1.3lbs. The approximate amount of boxes needed to relocate the above homes is as

    • Detached  - 60 cardboard boxes of various sizes
    • Townhome – 40 cardboard boxes of various sizes
    • Condominium – 20 cardboard boxes of various sizes

Based on these figures, we estimate that the 2010 home sales in the Abbotsford & Mission area would have generated a need for the following amount of cardboard boxes:

  • Total Cardboard Boxes – 120,760
  • Total Weight (lbs) - 156,988
  • Total Weight (metric tons) – 71.20

Some of these boxes may have been passed on to friends or family and may have been put to use again, but eventually they would have made their way to our local Transfer Stations to be shipped off for recycling, incineration or dumped in our local landfills.

Residents of Abbotsford & Mission can make a significant contribution to the Zero Waste Challenge by simply choosing a faster, easier, cleaner and cost effective alternative to the use of wasteful cardboard boxes for their next relcation projects. It’s called Boxless Moving and it’s not new, in fact it has been the norm in the UK and Australia for nearly 2 decades. It is however, a young concept in North America and there are at least half a dozen companies in the Lower Mainland such as, It’s Your Move, that will deliver and pickup re-usable moving crates and supplies to your home or office.

I’m not sure why this strategy hasn’t been included as one of the strategies in the Zero Waste Challenge, but it should.

Move box free and save a tree!

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