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Tri-City Spring Home Expo 2012

April 10th, 2012

Tri-City Spring Home Expo 2012

Admission is free to the Evergreen, Tri-City Spring Home Expo this April 13-15 at the Port Moody Arena. The show will feature more than 180 exhibitors as well as home improvement and design seminars.

Come out and visit us we are at booth #65, free to the public.

Tri-City Spring Home Expo 2012

Apr 13-15, 2012
Port Moody Arena 300 Ioco Road, Port Moody BC

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The Fraser Valley Chambers of Commerce Business Showcase

April 8th, 2012

The 5th Annual Fraser Valley Chambers of Commerce Business Showcase

Wednesday, April 11th, 2-7PM

Tradex, 1190 Cornell Street, Abbotsford.

Come on out and join us at one of the Valley’s largest networking events of the year. Meet hundreds of people from all over the Valley. With more than 200 exhibitor booths and more than 1000 people attending it should make for a great event. There is no cost to attend, just register for your complimentary tickets and remember to bring $5 for

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Vancouver Moving Box Providers (The Good and The Bad)

March 1st, 2012

Your Friends, Neighbors or Co-workers may have used them to move. You have probably seen them in your apartment hallways or neighboring offices being loaded into moving trucks.

More than just a trend more and more people are making make the decision to skip traditional cardboard boxes when it comes time to move and choose the convenience of Reusable Moving Crates of all shapes, colors and sizes.

This growing client base has also led to a number of Vancouver Moving Box providers coming onto the scene eager to capitalize on demand. Like every other industry there are some good ones as well as bad ones out there. Moving Crate Providers come under the umbrella of the Moving Industry, unfortunately an industry with an image problem.

Since the Moving Crate Industry is still in its infancy it is largely without regulation or accepted / agreed
standards. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the decision to go with a Moving Crate Provider;


Never under estimate the importance of a strong referral. The true believers in our product and service are the clients which have used these for their own moves and can tell you first hand what to look for and what to expect.


Does the Crate Provider have a reputable and informative website. Are the prices and details outlined and the
site sufficiently educational to help you with your decision.



Most Moving Crate Providers charge between $30-$60 for delivery within the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Make sure that you have factored in this additional cost.






Some Crate Providers actually charge a stair fee, charging you the client to bring them up your stairs since to the curb delivery is all they offer.

Cleaning Fee’s, some less reputable Crate Providers will expect you the client to clean the crates to the condition they were in at the time of delivery or face cleaning charges. Some fly by night operators don’t even clean their crates or remove the previous clients labels, Yuck!


Don’t be lured by perceived savings in opting for a shorter term rentals, such as a 1 week rental. We have found that

short term contracts such as these usually run over and are designed to generate late fees.


Is the crate provider an established industry leader. Are they BBB accredited, WCB insured? Are they participants in progressive programs such as Climate Smart and community partners involved in the local Board of Trade or Chambers of Commerce.







Having done your research now you can sit back and order your moving crates and take a few moments to relax before they arrive. Remember you still have all that stuff to pack and move.

For you next residential or commercial move remember to think outside the cardboard box and rent reusable moving crates from It’s Your Move.

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Vancouver Moving Companies Responding To Moving Crate Demand

February 1st, 2012

If you are a Vancouver or Fraser Valley Mover you have probably moved a number of clients which have packed their belongings into Reusable Moving Crates. Let me first apologize as some of these were probably heavy and overpacked by some of our mutual clients.

The reality is that Reusable Moving Crates are here to stay. As popularity for this Eco-Friendly, convenient alternative to using cardboard boxes continues to grow so do consumers asking and choosing to go with Moving Companies which offer this service.

There is an identified and growing legion of clients which have used our service and have sworn to never return to cardboard boxes. Most have probably told their friends and co-workers about how easy their move went. In short,
the market is identified and growing.

In order to stay competitive, you have considered taking steps in greening your Moving business from fuel efficient trucks to Moving Crates. Eco-Friendly packaging alternatives is a movement which is already in full swing in the Southern United States.

As an owner of a Moving Company you may have considered stocking your own inventory of plastic totes and crates and wade into the Crate Provider Business. Not to be preachy but here are a few things you may want to consider before jumping in;

If you are a moving company considering wading in on the reusable moving crate market here are a few points to consider:


You will need to identify your start up cost which may be more than you expected. You will need to stock a minimum of 1500 crates and accompanying products to be able to reliably service potential demand. If you are considering
approaching and applying your moving crates towards commercial contracts that number should x 3.


Multiple points of customer contact, delivery, the move day, and subsequent pick up, requires a dedicated
delivery and logistics strategy. Upon return the inventory needs to be inspected for damage and
thoroughly cleaned before put back into circulation.


Do you have sufficient square footage to properly store and maintain your inventory. If not have you identified the further associated warehousing cost.


Not all moving crates are created equal. The right crate is the cornerstone of your business. A moving crate made of
sufficiently pliable composites to offset cold weather use breakage potential. A crate strong enough to garner sufficient churn rate to yield profitability prior to replacement. (between $19-25.00 per unit).


Rather than deal with the potential headaches, risk and start up costs a growing number of Moving Companies having
identified the demand have teamed up with Moving Crate Providers and offered links to offer the service.

This allows the Moving company to deal with the moving aspect while still servicing the demand and securing potential lost business from a client looking for Moving Crates. The analogy is simple, it takes a plumber and an electrician to build a house. You wouldn’t expect one to reliably take on the others trade.

If you are a progressive, established and reputable Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Moving Company we would love to work with you. For your next residential or commercial move remember to think outside the cardboard box and rent reusable moving crates from It’s Your Move.

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