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Moving Crates – Clean & Sanitized

December 1st, 2013

Renting plastic moving boxes is relatively new to Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley and like many new industries it suffers from a lack of standards, especially when it comes to hygiene.


As a Plastic Moving Crate pioneer, It’s Your Move continues to promote best practices and when it comes to cleanliness and product maintenance It’s Your Move leads the way.


Renting plastic moving boxes and moving crates is a convenience service and we feel that you the client should be burdended with cleaning the supplies once your unpacked, let alone face cleaning charges. You expect the crates to be delivered clean and ready to use without fear of allergens, dander or bed bugs.


It’s Your Move maintains its own professional in-house plastic moving crate washing service so that we can ensure that every plastic moving box and moving crate has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it reaches you.

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