Kids Up Front – put a child in your seat

October 28th, 2011
by Carrie

A little while ago a friend of ours wasn’t able to make it to a game and told us about this great organization called Kids Up Front. Rather than see the tickets go to waste he donated them to Kids Up Front who made sure that the ticket found their way into a deserving child’s hands.

Through Kids Up Front you can put a child in your seat. Whether it be sporting events, concerts, shows or indoor outdoor attractions. If you canâ..t use your tickets, then give them to this organization and they will send a child in need to the event (and yes they will even issue you a tax receipt)

Since 2004, Kids Up Front has provided more than 170,000 life-changing experiences to at-risk children across Greater Vancouver. What a great idea and even better cause 24% of children in Vancouver live in poverty compared to 16% nationally. Without the work of organizations like Kids Up Front, these kids would not have the opportunity to experience their first theatrical production, live sporting event or concert. Get involved and don’t let your tickets go to

To donate your ticket and provide a child with a lifetime experience, call 604.266-KIDS or


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