Free Cardboard Boxes are becoming extinct in Vancouver

June 28th, 2011
by Carrie

An often overlooked expense when it comes time to moving is boxes. You are going to need boxes, lots of boxes to move your items with. Many fail to overlook the hidden or unexpected expenses of moving, the biggest of which being moving supplies. The need for boxes usually goes something like this;


The cheapest way to obtain moving boxes is to scavenge them from local merchants. Liquor stores, copy centers, and grocery stores. The scavenging should be started early in the moving process to ensure you have sufficient boxes come packing time. Ultimately boxes which will unnecessarily clutter your living space for weeks prior to their being needed.

Let us save you some time, most retailers recycle all packaging products on a per weight basis for reimbursement. Unfortunately, the hallmark of a scavenged box move is often a hodgepodge of different-sized boxes often without lids.

You will often find a stack of broken-down (folded up) boxes near dumpsters. Were you really considering placing your valuables into a box that came from a dumpster?

One of the more annoying aspects of scavenged boxes is the messy and time consuming process of assembling them, reinforcing them and most likely throwing out unsuitable boxes. Boxes for moving should be clean and sturdy. Those that are ripped or starting to come apart will only get worse during the course of the move.

To give you an idea we did the research for you:

2 evenings – 7 hours

Gas and vehicle required to carry them home = $10.00

3 Department stores, 3 Grocery stores, 3 Drug stores, 2 Liquor Stores - obtained 6 boxes

Repairing, re-building and re-taping flattened and weakened boxes – 2 hours and 1 roll of packing tape


2/ BUYING NEW BOXES = $$$$$$$$$

Although scavenging boxes will save money, many people find the convenience of new boxes worth the price. Orderly stacks of new boxes are more reliable, easy to estimate, and keep organized.

Be prepared to spend an evening assembling them. Cardboard boxes have to be assembled, they get crushed and wet, and fill up our landfills

Be prepared to spend some money. A properly rated moving box ranges from $3.75 – $9.75 per box depending on the cu feet. This quickly adds up.

To give you an idea 9 boxes purchased from a moving supply store totaling 36 cubic feet of packing space cost $39.84.
IT’S YOUR MOVE offers rental crates for as low as .16 cents per day that’s $5.00 per Month (including delivery & pickup)

9 boxes = $39.84 (need 27 more)



There is a better way to move. Join the Vancouver moving revolution and consider using the services of a growing number of Vancouver Moving Box companies offering an eco-friendly alternative such as, It’s Your Move, which offers moving box rental of heavy duty plastic crates and wardrobes for your next move. Think outside the cardboard box and rent reusable moving crates today.

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