The Inconvenient Truth about Cardboard Moving Boxes

December 31st, 2010
by Carrie

It is estimated that more than one third of landfill space consists of paper, cardboard or corrugate by-products. The recycling attributes of cardboard / paper products are limited and can not be recycled indefinitely. In the end all cardboard products eventually become solid waste for the landfill.

There are a number of cardboard products treated with films and chemicals which render them un-recyclable, equating to one time use only.

It is estimated that in British Columbia an estimated 10,000 – 15,000 residential moves take place every month.
If you were to consider that an average 4 bedroom house requires approximately 60-70 cardboard boxes. The number of boxes eventually making their way to landfill becomes difficult to even imagine.

The number one way to reduce solid waste in landfills is by reuse. As such, reusability has been deemed a far superior attribute than simply recycling. IT’S YOUR MOVE is proud to do its part in contributing to environmental awareness by promoting a Canadian made product line comprised of reusable and recycled materials.

IT’S YOUR MOVE Crates are made from high grade, recyclable plastic. As such the crates lifespan consists of  approximately 10-12 years.

ITâ..S YOUR MOVE adheres to the concept of reducing solid waste by utilizing reusable products. Crates that become damaged or unusable are retired and returned to the factory. The retired units are grinded down with little requirement of new material. The old used crate is transformed into a new completely recycled crate and reusable for another 10-12 years.

Move box free and save a tree!

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