Donating has never been more convenient

August 19th, 2010
by Carrie

Moving is an excellent time to purge unwanted items, including furniture. After all, there’s no sense moving what you don’t want or will no longer use. Ever since the Canadian Diabetes Association stopped accepting furniture I have found it difficult to help my clients donate their unwanted items. The only other option for pickup has been Big Brothers Renew Crew. This is also a great service which I have used for years. Due to it’s popularity I occasionally  found limited scheduling and sometimes it took several weeks before they had a crew/truck in the area.

Yesterday I delivered moving supplies to a client who told me about The Home Start Foundation which is a non-profit organization that picks up furniture and fixtures, for a $25 donation, they use the items to furnish the homes of families in need.


The service that Home Start offers  is  absolutely invaluable. Not only to the recepients,  but to  our  environment by ensuring that unwanted items are being re-used and not just dropped into our landfills. Not to mention the benefit and convenience of having these items picked up at your door. Just like that one less thing to worry about while moving.

Home Start is able to furnish a home with donated items for approximately $260.00. Since 2003 they have furnished over 1000 homes, nearly 40% of the those served are children.

I am definitely adding The Home Start Foundation to my Moving Resources section.

For more information on purging and planning your upcoming move visit

Keep up the great work guys!

For more information or to donate your unwanted furniture/fixtures visit

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